Hearty welcome to BBIT Public School. If you are new to our school in Budge Budge, or a familiar face, I am happy to travel beside you on your school journey. I am eager and looking forward to enduring a truly significant joint venture with our families, work force and community from Budge Budge and beyond so that our children flourish academically, judiciously and communally.

In BBIT Public School, we have high expectations for all students in morals, academics, deeds and respect for others. I feel exceptionally providential to belong to a school culture focused on values, achievement, team work and commitment to towering opportunities and collaborations. It is my goal to carry on these key practices, while helping to generate a pleasant, thoughtful and protected environment where children have the opportunity to attend their maximum potential. BBIT Public School will make every effort to offer empirical programs that motivate our students to turn out to become ethical citizens and leaders.

With changing times the rising expectations from students today are dissimilar from the ones a few years ago. Watchful scheduling and quality relationship between school and home can make a child’s growth in school a pleasurable experience. Accomplishment in school requires thoughtful organization and an active participation from all stake holders. Research suggests that our active involvement in our children's schooling is the most significant thing that we can do for them.

Parents can be actively involved in their child’s education by involving in different school activities and events. I look forward to working with parents throughout and encourage you to see yourselves as active partners in our education community. Undoubtedly when school and home work together, a remarkable difference can be made in our children’s education and eventually their lives. Let’s all vow to give our children the best. If you are esteemed parents of our school, we thank you. If you’re seeking admission for your child, we would love to hear from you.

Thereby BBIT Public School pledges to give out the joy of learning and pure love to our students who will in turn bring sun shine and fragrance into their own lives and world around them.

Mr. Sanjib Kumar Sinha

Latest News & Updates

For the Session 2019-20, the classes will commence from April, 2019

Admission Forms are available at BBIT Campus.

For the Session 2019-20, Admissions open from Lower Nursery to Class XI.

Admission is going on for the session 2019 – 2020