BBIT Public School has respect for diversity as one of its principal goals. This applies equally to religion, ethnicity, gender and nationality. Students come to the School with different belief systems and may have different approaches to notions of spirituality. The School does not espouse any one religion, belief system or denomination. It does, however, encourage spiritual understanding, search and growth. This entails three principal aspects. Firstly, we provide the means for all students to worship in their own way. There is a dedicated silent space in the School for quiet reflection, meditation or prayer accessible to all. Secondly we encourage students to regard spirituality as a dimension of our shared humanity essential to moral progress and that this comes in differently-understood forms, whether it is love of nature, care of the environment, respect for our ancestry, identification with human progress, ingenuity and achievement, and love for others. Thirdly, we explore the nature of religion, religious thought, philosophy and spirituality in its many forms within our taught curriculum.

Latest News & Updates

For the Session 2019-20, the classes will commence from April, 2019

Admission Forms are available at BBIT Campus.

For the Session 2019-20, Admissions open from Lower Nursery to Class XI.

Admission is going on for the session 2019 – 2020