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Mission, Vision, Ethos & Philosophy

The over-all “Vision” of the School

The BBIT Public School aims to be an “Institution of Excellence” dedicated to producing leaders of tomorrow. The school is driven by a “Vision of nurturing an educational space where learning is defined by the child’s inherent desire to learn”. The school aspires to be place where children learn and grow. BBIT Public School is committed to providing its students with exemplary education, based on international best practices; designed to nurture the holistic development of each child in order to unleash her/his hidden potential so that s/he may become a productive member of the community. We aim to encourage intellectual curiosity, collaborative and critical thinking and effective communication.

At BBIT Public School we plan to expand the use of technology in the entire curriculum for all students. Here, pupils will be guided in the exploration of their intellectual, creative, artistic, technological, physical, social and moral development. Our rigorous standards-based instructional program is geared towards enabling all students to embark on their journey towards the future with confidence and compassion..

The Mission

The Management will strive to develop values in their students, teachers and other staff members by modeling the desired behaviors, building an atmosphere of on-going self-improvement, encouraging awareness of goal and nurturing strong relationships and a sense of community. We look forward to igniting a passion for excellence in the areas of knowledge, creativity and character development. We aim to do this by:

Creating a respectful working environment for students and all the staff members.

Providing a personalized and student-centered approach to learning.

Focusing on continuous improvement and shared accountabilities.

Promoting equality and social justice.

Developing partnerships with our community —- local, national and global.

Recognizing and celebrating diversity.

Encouraging school and community health and well-being.

Philosophy and Ethos

BBIT Public School provides an environment that nurtures and develops the individuality, potential and self-worth of its students and upholds their rights. We are a friendly supportive community encouraging the growth of trust and mutual respect. Here our pupils will be initiated to take responsibility, develop self- confidence, communication and interaction skills and value other people.

The school has high expectations of pupils as individuals and provides state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities and well-structured environment for learning, based on the best standards of study and social behavior. BBIT Public School has a large, well-qualified and talented team of teaching and support staff. Teachers here will be child-friendly, tolerant, educated, well-groomed, caring, energetic and hardworking. They will be the role models for students and parents. Teachers of this institute would constantly be honing and upgrading their skills through the various training programs and workshops to be organized periodically by the Management.

We expect our pupils to lead their lives with confidence in their own ability, the capacity to apply their knowledge, wisdom and understanding in their everyday life and with the belief that learning is rewarding, enjoyable and ongoing. We at BBIT Public School maintain that every child has individual skills and talents which should be valued, nurtured and channelized in the right direction. The school supports the right of everyone to equal chances and individual respect for who they are, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender and social circumstances.

Latest News & Updates

'Principal of the Year' Award Awarded by Global Gurus Chinmaya Mission New Delhi 29th November,2019


BBIT PUBLIC SCHOOL observed World Literacy Day by taking the pledge -------- " Each one Teach one" pledge to protect the peace and unity of our great nation. BBIT Family wishes you a very happy Ind


We are very pleased to inform that Dr Munmun Nath has joined as the new Principal effective from 15th February, 2021


CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS! YOU HAVE MADE US ALL PROUD. . . !!! BBIT Public School heartily congratulating the toppers of the First Batch of class XII(CBSE 2021).