Education is not just about getting degrees and passing examinations. It is an essential tool for the holistic development of human existence. It is the first step towards creating a good human being and a responsible citizen. This process must start during one’s childhood when the flexible mind of the child is receptive to instructive inputs. In many cases, we see students of higher classes or colleges suffering either from learning disabilities or from behavioral problems which become difficult to rectify. Much of it stems from lack of proper education during one’s childhood. However, education does not simply mean following an academic syllabus. It also means the inculcation of those human values which enable children to grow up as caring, responsible and productive individuals who would learn not only to fulfill their professional duties, both as individuals and as members of a group, but would contribute to overall social welfare with compassion, respect and integrity of character. This is especially important in today’s world where the youth are often involved in various forms of hooliganism, violence and unethical activities. Much of it is caused by the absence of a wholesome psychological, cultural and behavioural framework which can be created by educational institutions that supplement the teaching of the families. BBIT Public School aims to be precisely such an institution – an institution that would not only instill the best values in the students but ensure their all-round development by enabling their young minds to cope with the growing uncertainties and chaotic cross-currents of the modern world.
Through BBIT Public School we are aiming to address the overall growth of a child with modern and highly innovative technologies and amenities. Academics will be merged with extra-curricular activities such as sports, theatre, dance, painting etc. We will ensure a fruitful journey of a toddler becoming a potential scholar in the coming years. I sincerely hope that our efforts will fetch appreciation from today’s parents and tomorrow’s scholars.

Mrs. Visha Gupta
 Executive Director BBITPS

Latest News & Updates

For the Session 2019-20, the classes will commence from April, 2019

Admission Forms are available at BBIT Campus.

For the Session 2019-20, Admissions open from Lower Nursery to Class XI.

Admission is going on for the session 2019 – 2020